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The following article was published in our article directory on November 29, 2009.
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Power Transmission Options In Lexus Hybrid

Article Category: Automotive

Homo sapiens, all through history, have invented a lot of ingenious machines to facilitate them in their normal life's work. To make it easier and comfortable, one of the most pioneering inventions was that of the car or automobile. A French engineer first invented it in 1769. A car runs making use of an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The ICE takes energy from burning fossil fuels to move it.

Since the world population has grown radically over the years, and that technology has become more accessible, the demand for cars has increased considerably. The expenditure of fossil fuels has increased in accordance with the cars' demand. This could result in extreme depletion of the natural resources leaving humans without fuel.

When fossil fuels are burned, they release toxic gases. These gases have devastating effects. They can cause acid rain, suffocating smogs and even deplete the ozone layer to allow the UV rays of the sun to make way to the earth.

These effects have captured the scientists' attention and they are now continuously looking for alternate fuels. They have come up with different solutions, one of which is hybrid cars.

A hybrid car is one, which consumes more than one type of fuel to power it. One is gasoline and the other could be electricity, solar power, hydrogen, compressed air etc. Because of the dual source engine, the vehicle utilizes less gas producing fuel, thus reducing the contribution to global warming.

Various companies are making hybrids. One of them is Lexus. It has had a repute for creating excellent vehicles giving comfort, safety and style, since 1989. It has now started manufacturing hybrids as well. They are assorted in to four series; the RX hybrids, GS hybrids, HS hybrids, and LS hybrids. The efficiency of the vehicle depends on how efficiently the energy is conducted from the engine to the tires.

Therefore quite simply, power transmission is the movement of energy from the place of generation to the place where it is supposed to be consumed. The more efficient the transmission system is, the better the vehicle's mileage and performance. The Lexus hybrid has two types of power sources, the ICE and a powerful electric motor. The most astounding characteristic of the Lexus hybrid is the charging source of the battery . The heat released from braking is altered into electrical energy, which is used up to charge the battery.

The ICE and the electric motor supply the power used to drive the car. When the hybrid is being driven at low speed, it is being powered by the electric motor, which is powered by the highly developed battery. It is designed to drive the vehicle up to 100000 miles, but at this moment it is silent and is producing no emissions.

Moreover, when it is moving at higher speeds, both the sources work simultaneously to provide the car the acceleration it needs. An electronic control unit calculates the most efficient combination of electric power and gasoline power. Hence, even if the car is using gasoline, it emanates controlled amount of waste products. To add to the striking features, it includes an energy monitor. It enables you to control the power flow and the car's fuel efficiency. The Lexus hybrid is sure to produce less greenhouse gases and result in a greener environment and cleaner air to breathe in.

About the Author: Danny Green is a technology consultant. Check wide range of Hybrid Cars now.

Keywords: Lexus LS 600h, Lexus GS, Lexus RX 450h, Hybrid Cars, Luxury Convertible,

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