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The following article was published in our article directory on April 6, 2010.
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The First Emperors of Ancient China

Article Category: Culture

Author Name: Henry Fong

Chinese history remembers Suiren, Fuxi and Shennong as the Three Sage Kings. While not exactly kings, they are the leaders of their generation and are remembered today for their personal sacrifices and the many unique contributions to mankind.

Suiren was best remembered for discovering how to make fire by drilling wood. It allowed mankind to eat cooked food, and use fire to keep warm during the colder months and to ward off wild animals.

Fuxi taught people how to domesticate animals. He also taught them to make nets to catch fish, birds and wild animals and in the process ensure the supply of food all year round. He was also responsible for creating the institution of marriage and the for a 35 string musical instrument. His most important contribution however was the Bagua or Eight Trigram that formed the basis for the all important I Ching or Book of changes.

Shennong was the third Sage King. He taught people farming and to grow five types of cereals namely rice, wheat, beans and two types of millets. He invented barter trading and was responsible for inventing a 5 strings musical instrument.

Shennong risked his life by tasting hundreds of berries to seek remedies for illnesses. Despite being poisoned on many occasions, he carried on. One of the berries eventually took his life.

The emperors after Shennong were Huangdi, Zhuanxu, Diku, Yao and Shun and they are collectively known as the Five Legendary Rulers.

Huangdi was a good leader. He knows how to maximize the ability of those around him to rule the country and come out with innovations that benefit his people.

He commissioned his subject to develop a written language which contributed to the growth of Chinese Culture. With another he studied the art of healing and compiled the Yellow Emperor's Medicine Classic? Yet with another he developed the 60 year cycle Jia Zi?calendar that aided in farming.

Huangdi was a man of peace and did not like war. During his rule, there was peace, stablility and prosperity in his kingdom.

Zhuanxu who succeeded Huangdi was not his son. He was chosen over Huangdi's many sons because of his outstanding ability. Zhuanxu greatest contribution was to bring law and order to the people plus consolidating the power of the central authority.

Huangdi's great grandson, Diku succeeded Zhuanxu. While his great grandfather developed the calendar, Diku further improved on it. He also created new positions and ministries to cope with the growing population. As a benevolent king who cared for his people, he made frequent person visits to his ministry to ensure that the country was well run.

Yao who succeeded Diku was just as industrious and benevolent as his father. His contributions included further developing the calendar and adjusting the timing of planting resulting in bumper harvests.

Shun succeeded Yao. Shun's mother died when he was a young boy. His step mother and father treated him badly. Despite that he remained filial to them and this virtue gained him famed. He was summoned to Yao's service at 30 and eventually married Yao's daughter.

Shun divided the country into 12 states and appointed administrators for each of them. He continued to make further changes including setting up departments for land, music, farming, rites and works. Shun many contributions include drafting the five rules of etiquette for the dukes and princes to follow.

Shun was succeeded by Yu who founded the Xia Dynasty. Yu was famed for his ability to control flooding but that is another story for another time.

About the Author: Henry Fong is a Feng Shui Master. To find out more on Eight House Feng Shui, visit his web site at

Keywords: china early emperors

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