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The following article was published in our article directory on April 28, 2010.
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Chinese Inventions Have Been Indispensable to the Western World

Article Category: Culture

Author Name: Henry Fong

Chinese are traditionally stereotyped for a lack of technological ability however when we speak about Chinese inventions it is actually difficult to know where to begin. For a start there is gunpowder, kite, paper making, printing, the wheelbarrow, ceramics, the dry dock, chopsticks (duh) firecrackers, ceramics, the crossbow, lacquer, iron casting, natural medicine, acupuncture, surgery, the seismograph, the compass, Indian ink, whiskey, brandy, tea drinking and shredding, chess, paper money and spaghetti. And this is only the beginning!

The Chinese inventions which are considered to be the most important, particularly in that they spread to the rest of the world, are gunpowder, paper, printing and the compass. Although they have made some other pretty amazing discoveries also, they are even credited with the invention of whiskey and brandy.

Gunpowder has certainly made one of the biggest impressions on the world, it has been responsible for a hell of a lot more deaths than lives, and is one of the most important warfare discoveries of ancient times. It was invented by and alchemist who was actually trying to invent the elixir of life for a Chinese Emperor in the Tang Dynasty. Elixirs of life have been considered to be vital to the Chinese people for centuries.

In 105 AD Cai Lun was responsible for the invention of paper, he was a Chinese Eunuch (please don't make me explain what this means). And this was one of the greatest Chinese inventions. During the Battle of Talas River in 751, some Chinese paper makers were captured by the Arabs and this is how paper making came to be known to the world, by a process of enculturation.

The compass was originally used by the Chinese to ensure that a house faced due North so that it was perfectly in line with nature. This was a religious rite and the first compass consisted of a wooden circle which was marked and balanced a magnetic spoon on the top. Without the compass navigation techniques would have floundered over the centuries.

Chinese medicine and their wide ranging pharmacopeias are well known throughout the world. Acupuncture also came from China, and it is believe that as far back as 4000 years ago in the New Stone Age, Chinese physicians were familiar with brain surgery. Skulls which have tested this ancient by Carbon dating, have been found to have indications that some kind of surgery took place after which the patient survived for some time.

The first clocks were invented by the Chinese; they made toys, houses and many other things from bamboo. The Chinese built the first planetarium, made the first kites and learned how to use them even in battle. They invented and experiment for parity which revolutionized the science of particle physics, we cold go on with this subject ad infinitum, but I think you get the picture now.

About the Author: Henry Fong is a Feng Shui Master. To find out more on Feng Shui Bedroom Tips, visit his web site at

Keywords: Chinese inventions

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