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The following article was published in our article directory on September 15, 2010.
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In the Financial Crisis China is the Winner Or Loser

Article Category: Politics

Author Name: xia zihui

In the past three years, the world experienced 70 years of unprecedented economic and financial upheaval. Past anything they want Wall Street, struggling at the brink of death; with 158-year-old Lehman Brothers, the financial tsunami in the ashes.

They actually do not regret, for a few months, prices will fall as mercury spilled in general. Beginning of 2006 the result of the housing bubble, it is sweeping the nation's subprime mortgage crisis, and the crisis spread further to Europe, Asia, Africa, and even every corner of the world.

My home in Washington around the time of the many new home developers have no choice to become a landlord. By 2008, the insolvency of the landlord will then dragged into the water on Wall Street. Year in March, in an atmosphere of panic, Wall Street's fifth-largest investment bank Bear Stearns funds flow appears exhausted. To avoid the crash, the U.S. Treasury and the Fed strongly urging of two U.S. dollars per share of Bear Stearns, "Tiaolou Jia", sold itself to JP Morgan Chase.

This game is also an unprecedented prelude. Among these, there is infighting among the giant enterprises, adding insult to injury. According to subsequent investigations, the most critical juncture in the Lehman Brothers, the loss of some creditors fear the expansion, ordered Lehman to provide more security. Which, as Lehman "Clearing Bank" JPMorgan Chase in September 11, 2008, requested delivery of five billion U.S. dollars to Lehman, which undoubtedly accelerated the looting of the final demise of Lehman.

In order to save Lehman Brothers, the U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, under the auspices of the Wall Street chiefs who gathered this by the U.S. government officials call "the world's largest a Licensing Board" and " backroom politics ", but because of Wall Street's big brother the abacus, ultimately fruitless. For Lehman boss Fuld hit home calls, Bank of America CEO Lewis refused even to talk.

Paulson refused to rescue Lehman, but then spend more money rescue the troubled AIG. Herein the reason, of course, to judge the situation with Paulson's wrong, but it not his personal grudges with the Foard response. It is said that in the spring of 2008, a private dinner, Paulson hopes for Fuld to sell Lehman's decision, Fuld was furious, he said Paulson: "I have a position on Lehman than you Goldman Sachs to be in place much longer time, you teach me how to do things, I will act according to my speed. "

Lehman Brothers former rebellious eventually abandoned, in my opinion, this is not the lack of assistance that the U.S. government funds, even non-Wall Street has no ability to help themselves, more as a "life or death" currency war the inevitable result. Newmark U.S. financial columnist with the words, "the vultures on Wall Street will carve up Lehman Brothers still with sweltering bodies, and then waiting more unfortunate repeat it."

The Great Game is actually not only confined to the initiator of the crisis on Wall Street, also in the various state enterprises and even government vertical and horizontal alliances between. Barclays determined to save Lehman Brothers, the veering, but this was flatly rejected the British Government. While Paulson has urged the British helping hand, but the British Chancellor of the Exchequer up to the provisional opinion that the U.S. government would indeed be "outside the guidelines of troubles", the size and complexity of non-performing assets of Lehman, Barclays could backfire, and Buck Levin problem, the British financial system is also spared.

Afford to ignore for the British, Paulson angry but do nothing abnormal. He angrily bigwigs on Wall Street, said: "We were fooled the British." But Americans do not rinse the others? To avoid Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley followed the steps the U.S. has to take the initiative to actively promote Chinese investment to be injected, Paulson also requested the intercession of action President Bush came forward, he himself frequently with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan to communicate. But when the United States reached agreement in principle on this deal, Morgan Stanley is stealing a march, carrying the Chinese and the Japanese bank Mitsubishi UFJ to negotiate, the negotiations that led to Wall Street, General Manager Gao cast the final walk out.

Bigger change is the change of international situation, the crisis in the overall rise of emerging economies, China's growing importance, the "new Bretton Woods system" seems ready, G20 alternative G8 to become the world's leading platform for consultations. As the two major economies of the game between China and the United States, but also more intense and dramatic nature. RMB exchange rate around this issue, U.S. officials in the past few years, you come to me and I cut and thrust. Surface "same boat" in Harmony, can not hide behind the use of swords is. Protectionism in the United States, China, in particular, machetes, still Hanguang awe-inspiring.

Game continues, China faces challenges. Because the outcome of each round, related to the hundreds of millions of wealth gains and losses related to the rise of China's peaceful development or the trend, but also ultimately related to every Chinese person's livelihood well-being. Law of the jungle in the world, not always the winner, there are always constant loser.

As an alarming move, the RMB exchange rate issue, the United States is trying to win over the European Union, Japan and other emerging economies, the so-called undervalued yuan also harm the interests of their grounds, to organize a "coalition" together Shi China pressure, while the 20 Group, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization, the United States together is the main platform for vertical and horizontal.

As a large country with extensive interests in China's foreign game point far more than one yuan. China is far more than an American rival. Of course, there is no eternal friends, between countries, and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests of others. Tit for tat in a quarrel broke up the issue of opponent, but other issues may become intimate friends sharing weal and woe.

Stormy sea, calls forth the hero, in the past two years if the financial crisis, China handed over a rather let the world wonder of the respondents; so in the future "post-crisis era" of the game, China is not necessarily winner, more intense and even bitter contest and struggle, yet to come, we just wait and see!

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