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The following article was published in our article directory on September 29, 2010.
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Public Service the Performance of German Work Ethic and the Concept of Wealth

Article Category: Culture

Author Name: Amanda xzh

This is a very strange phenomenon: in Europe, for centuries, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands is the best public services. While other countries, France, Italy, Greece and other countries will have less certain.

The great 20th century thinker Max Weber that the Protestant ethic of this is the result.

Not only that, people's lifestyles, consumption patterns, work was also affected. People of different faiths have different concept of work ethic and wealth.

Standard of public services

In 1609, Germany's "observation Weekly" published. Although this publication has been 19 years old, but this time it is news in the history of publishing a top priority, because since become a weekly magazine, published regularly. As a result, "Observation Week" has become the world's first periodic publications. After a few years, the world's first regularly published newspapers appeared in Germany.

16 | 17 century Europe has been more developed publishing industry, but for the content of news at the time of regular publications are still rare. This is because the postal service was far from perfect. And ancient Egypt, some Asian countries, Europe is the first service in the military postal facilities and government official.

The initial demands of the postal service is quick. China's Qing dynasty was in accordance with the distance each day to the provisions of Post Post rating, the highest is the "six in the urgent," meaning that within one day six years to complete the delivery mission. Zeng said to lay the headquarters of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Jiangning to announce a victory when the court is to use the "six in the rush." Messenger soldiers all the way horses are not replaced, to Beijing almost sent the order. Information transmission time of war a winning opportunity, of course, at all costs, to fast for the tasks.

But, to become a public service is not the same. First of all demand reliable public services, regardless of when and where, I can trust you, you can provide me with consistent standards of service. Moreover, public services, involving all members of society, as long as I pay you have to give me and the king of services. This requires diligent employees of postal services, reliable, dedicated, punctual, betrayal. More importantly, to establish a system to serve the whole society, there must be a considerable scale, requires a large number of standard employees.

Post as a public service, the Europeans invented in France in 1464 enacted the first law to establish a national postal postal system. In contrast, Germany much later. Germany's postal system was introduced from France and the UK. However, Germany has done best at the time. Germany built the world's most reliable postal system to provide the best quality of postal services. With this basic protection, the world's first regularly scheduled journals and newspapers in Germany, will appear.

Not only that, when the German also has the world's most reliable railway operation system, there are the world's most accurate train times and never late train.

Conscientious civil servants, as a German tradition, and even some extreme examples. Such as "Reader" in the heroine Hannah, she had been a Nazi concentration camp guard, to dedicated, let the fire engulfed the Jewish concentration camp prisoners without rescue, was sentenced to life imprisonment. Many of the Nazi concentration camps during World War II, killing spree, no matter how distorted they have personality, they execute the command, fulfill their duties side has been exemplary.

Puritan influence of capitalism

Germany in the Holy Roman Empire embraced Christianity led the Holy See. It seems the Holy See, the human soul to be saved by the church clergy to the intermediary, who will turn to God. As a result, the church has a supreme privilege, and by virtue of this privilege for their own fishing benefits. To the 16th century, the church has been very corrupt. At that time the church has a lot of land and property, only in Germany, the church-owned land accounting for one third of German land. Decadent life of the church staff, the monastery in the scandals.

October 31, 1517, the pope sent to Germany to sell "indulgences" being all levels of society in general revulsion and resistance. Thus beginning the Protestant Reformation of Martin Luther's prelude.

Martin Luther was born in Germantown, a small wealthy family. Childhood home of his very strict discipline, and later he read the seminary and became a director of 11 monasteries of the vicar. He had visited Rome and witnessed the corruption of the Holy See, angrily denounced the Roman is a "dirty city." For the "indulgences", he published the famous "ninety-five Outline", that "justification by faith," the idea that between God and mortals, there is no need for duty priest. Christians as long as the confession, do not buy indulgences can be saved. And the religious right claims reverted to the state.

Martin Luther's ideas led directly to the Christianity of the great reform. In England, King Henry VIII broke with the Holy See directly, announced the establishment of the Church of England (Anglican). In Sweden, founded Calvin go authentic. Areas in Spain, the Netherlands controlled the outbreak of the revolution, and ultimately the birth of the Netherlands.

To the 16th century, the three main Protestant denominations, the Lutheran Martin Luther, Calvin created the normalized authentic and as Church of England's Anglican have emerged in Europe and play a huge impact. Authentic advocate abstinence as normalized, it is also known as the Puritans. According to Max Weber's view, the development of capitalism in general, have a direct relationship with the Puritans.

German Empire because of geographical reasons, the religious orthodox return by Calvin the greatest impact.

German Beruf (occupation, vocation) and English Calling (career move of God), the have a common meaning: God arranged the tasks. This comes from the Protestant.

Protestants believe that the secular organization of the work itself is the task of God, therefore, the secular work well is to serve God. This work can be treated as an absolute self-purpose to carry out, without the need for someone to force or urge. Like the "Bible" says it: "Do you see things gracious people? He shall stand before kings, who will not stand in front of degrading."

Another feature of Puritan thrift to luxury ashamed. Hard work was not intended to spending money, but to gain divine favor. Accumulate wealth is their own labor for the custody of God, can not be used squandered, in addition to necessities of life, can only be used to benefit the cause of the glory of God. This also can understand why the U.S. put the wealth of rich people like to donate in his lifetime, for public welfare. Because the U.S. is the country by the Puritans.

Attitudes affect people's work, life and consumption patterns. In Europe and America, people of different faiths, does have a different view of work ethic and wealth. Prevalent in the Catholic Church in France, Italy, Greece and other places, people advocating a leisurely, good personal quality of life. These countries are also strongly affected by the economic development of this attitude of the people.

Max Weber that occurred from the capitalist point of view, some elements of early modern capitalism in many countries (including China) exist, such as the civil service system, legal system, constituted by the public sectors of the city, mass consumption, free labor, bookkeeping, bank credit, but these countries have not developed a modern capitalist system. Modern capitalism in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and other national development established, the impact of Protestant Christianity played a decisive role is the reason.

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