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The following article was published in our article directory on November 5, 2010.
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Worthwhile Entertainment in the Guise of Online Quizzes

Article Category: Humor

Author Name: Blake Johnson

The World Wide Web is a seemingly endless supply of information and entertainment in today's world. Pampered with developments in science and technology, we have become used to instant messaging, social media, and online shopping. Just a few decades ago these things we take for granted now as trivial matters, even perfunctory, were unimaginable-straight out of science fiction . The internet is probably the most notable advancement we've been continuously using, and some of the things its boom has spawned had created a backward parallelism with reality-like online quizzes for instance. Before the internet the news of a pop quiz would dampen a school room's cheery mood . But now, quizzes in the Web are mostly done for fun.

Quizzes, simply put, are short questionnaires designed to test one's aptitude in a certain topic or subject. The answers are checked against a key and then a score is put out according to the scoring rules of that particular quiz. There were many types of quizzes before, mostly ranging from several different educational subjects to general knowledge. But with the sudden increased popularity of online quizzes, the "types" of quizzes available have increased almost exponentially . Not all of them are officially "types" of quizzes of course, but still, there is a ridiculous number of quizzes in the Web nowadays. The regular quiz about a certain topic has diversified because there are just too many topics in the internet. A quiz's topic can be TV shows or movies, music or trends, characters in science fiction or the latest Youtube celebrities. Personality quizzes are quite popular; quizzes designed such that the answer key can be cross checked against a set of psychometrics that can quantify or measure particular traits in the individual taking the quiz and thus a sort of outcome report can be garnered and something about the quiz-taker ascertained. People find it very interesting and downright fascinating that answering certain questions can let them know something more about themselves and their psychology or sociological behavior. Of course, quizzes that can accurately gauge psychometrics are not really that prolific in the internet-psychometrics, dealing with what was heretofore thought to be immeasurable qualities of people, is still an unrefined branch of science, so accurate psychometric gauges in the form of quizzes are not so rampant as their spin offs: personality quizzes designed to match the quiz-taker's personality with a character from a game or what not.

This new breed of not-so-scientific online quizzes purport to tell you what sort of name you would have if you were an angel / demon / fairy or what element you would be like fire / air / water or what game character you are like Master Chief from Halo / Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell / Mario Mario from Super Mario Brothers (yes, his surname is "Mario" too). Meant to be purely entertaining and should not be given too much serious thought, these quizzes just exemplify one of the many small milestones the internet has achieved. In this case: merging information and entertainment value into a pastime that may just be worth the time invested in it...sometimes.

About the Author: Blake is on top of the social quiz phenomenon. Tying together all the major social networks, you can take free quizzes or even make quizzes at!

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