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The following article was published in our article directory on March 1, 2012.
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Hemp Prohibition History in the USA

Article Category: Culture

Author Name: Lesley M. Varghese

Cannabis Sativa or, Marijuana, as it's quite often referred, has been around for thousands of years, but you may be surprised how recently it has been since our existent regulatory framework was set up. Indeed, as recently as the early twentieth century there still was no government oversight creating the temperance of cannabis. In 1906, the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed and that was the very founding of the FDA, what most folks think of as the Food and Drug Administration.

Although hemp was totally uncontrolled up to this time in history, since the creation of the FDA, marijuana acceptance has been entraped in a sort of legal, moral, and ethical tug-of-war. The primary authentic hemp specific law, however, did not transpire till the year 1913, when, believe it or not, California was the first state to pass a marijuana orientated statute. Reputedly, this law wasn't even really acknowledged by most people of that day, as the legislation stated "preparations of hemp or loco weed" rather than just explicitly use the clinical term for marijuana, Cannabis Sativa/Indica.

Shortly following, however, the anti-marijuana lobby started to take shape at a much brisker pace. This incline in hemp control was circumscribed and inexplicably tied in to the efforts of some toward the interdiction of other "dubious" substances including alcohol, cocaine, and opiates like opium, which is derived from the poppy plant. The FDA had then, as it does to present, an incredible amount of tyrannical power over what was, and what was not, regarded as agreeable for an individual to elect to put into their own body.

In 1915, the state of Utah passed a state anti-marijuana mandate, but that was somewhat mild in contrast to what was about to take shape. Through what was likely one of the most effective disinformation offensives in known history, the U.S. Government set out to demonize the cannabis plant as "evil", "deadly", and utterly "corrosive to the human soul". In 1930, Harry J. Anslinger, a steadfast advocate of the prohibition movement, was consigned these efforts and given authority of the newly devised Federal Bureau of Narcotics, an earliest interpretation of what is now referred to as the Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA.

From that time on, cannabis has had an unimaginable bumpy ride in the legal sense. While alcohol dis-allowance was in fact repealed in a 1933 move that even included the passage of a new 21st Amendment to the Constitution, in 1937, hemp prohibition first reared its head in the form of the Marijuana Tax Act. Blending this new law, the incredibly ambitious "reefer madness" propaganda campaign, and a substantial amount of "yellow journalism", the cannabis plant was doomed to the second class public opinion that it was just plain harmful, and worthless for human usage, and it has been an uphill battle for this plant ever since. Presently in the U.S., over 800,000 marijuana oriented apprehensions are made each year.

About the Author: Searching for cannabis radio? We've read about the the emperor wears no clothes on the web and reveal it at cannabis cancer for our friendly friends.

Keywords: cannabis history, marijuana history, history of marijuana prohibition

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