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The following article was published in our article directory on June 25, 2012.
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Edward Klein's The Amateur Book Review

Article Category: Politics

Author Name: Oscar R Beltran

{Edward Klein's "The Amateur" is {filled|packed|loaded} with {anecdotes|incidents} that {paint|portray} Obama as a president {who|that} is {inexperienced|unskilled} {and|and also} inept in the art of management {and|as well as} governance. One of the {motifs|patterns} that {runs|operates} throughout the {book|publication} is Barack Obama's {sheer|outright} {level|degree} of incompetency. He has the {fatal|catastrophic} conceit of {many|numerous} {politicians|political leaders}: an overweening ego, that {may|might} be {a prerequisite|a requirement} for {politicians|political leaders} and innovators, {but|however} when it is unleavened by {a willingness|a desire} to {consider|take into consideration|take into account} the {views|perspectives} of others, it {becomes|comes to be} {a fatal|a catastrophic} conceit. And Obama has that {trait|attribute} in abundance.
Stories tumble out that {reveal|expose} {a man|a guy} {who|that} {believes|thinks} he is all but omniscient-- {unwilling|reluctant} to {give|offer} {any sort of|any kind of} credence to the {views|perspectives} of others ({especially|particularly} but not {limited|restricted|confined} to those across the aisle). {Experts|Professionals} in management who are interviewed {point out|reveal} that he lacks {essential|vital|crucial} qualities of leadership. {{Indeed|Certainly|Without a doubt|Definitely|Undoubtedly}, the book {gets|obtains|acquires} its title from an outburst from Bill Clinton, {who|that} was {trying|attempting|striving} to {encourage|convince} Hillary to {take on|run against|challenge} Obama in the Democratic primary of 2012, {stating|enunciating}: "The country needs you"

{And then|Then} there is {a chapter|a section} on the president's {healthcare law|Affordable Care Act}, which leads with {an interview|a meeting} with Doctor David Scheiner, Obama's one-time {personal|private} {physician|doctor}.

{Among|Amongst} those {who|that} {followed|have paid close attention to} the crafting of the Affordable Care Act, Scheiner's {ambivalence|discontent}, if not {outright|downright|absolute} hostility toward {the |this} {legislation|healthcare law} is well {known|understood}. He's {an advocate|a proponent|a supporter} for a single-payer system. When it {became|came to be} clear that the president {wasn't|had not been} interested in a government-run {option|choice|possibility|alternative} for insurance coverage, he spoke out. {Some of|A few of|A couple of|Several of} his {first|1st|very first|initial} {public|social} criticism {came in|can be found in} an interview with The Huffington Post in August 2009.

{Later|Later on} in the book, Klein {describes|explains|illustrates|summarizes|details} that {during|throughout|in the course of} the 2008 {campaign|strategy} {of then|at that point} Sen. Obama, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright {allegedly|presumably|purportedly} was offered $ 150,000 in exchange for {keeping|maintaining} {quiet|silent} {and|as well as|and also} {avoid|stay clear of|eliminate} {public|social} appearances. The alleged {offer|deal} was delivered {via|through|by means of} {email|e-mail} by one of Obama's inner circle. {Shortly|Soon} after {receiving|getting} the {email|e-mail}, Rev Wright {says|states|points out} Mr. Obama met with him {and|as well as|and also} pleaded for him to {stop|quit} preaching because he was {hurting|harming|damaging} the campaign.

According to the book, Oprah took {a big|a huge|a large|a significant} risk in {supporting|helping} Obama in 2008 {and|as well as|and also} campaigning with him. When Oprah {announced|revealed|declared} that she was {throwing|tossing} her {support|assistance|help} behind Barack Obama in his primary race against Hillary Clinton, it {completely|totally|entirely|absolutely} {changed|altered|transformed} {people|individuals}'s favorability for the queen of daytime {television|tv}. It was one thing for her to recommend {a book|a publication}, but it was quite another for her to back a political candidate. Her audience began questioning whether or not her decision had a "racial motivation"

{But|However} Klein does not rest there. He {delves|dives|digs|explores} {into|in to} {associates|affiliates} from Obama's career in Cook County politics, his stint as a state senator, {and|as well as|and also} his {rise|surge|climb} to the {United States|US} Senate. There is {a common|a typical|a usual|a frequent} pattern: Obama {likes|prefers} to campaign,{but|however} {once|as soon as|the moment|after} he is elected and {starts|begins} working, his interest flags, {and|and also} he {starts|begins} {looking for|searching for|seeking for} the next "big thing"-- electorally speaking. He had {few|couple of|a couple} if {any|any kind of} {accomplishments|achievements} or professional standing in any of his previous positions. {Even|Also} when he served as {a lecturer|a speaker} at the University of Chicago Law School, he {avoided|prevented} {any|any sort of|any type of|any kind of} encounters with {other|some other} faculty {who|that} {enjoyed|took pleasure in|delighted in|appreciated|savored|took joy in} {discussing|talking about|going over|reviewing} the law. His {reluctance|unwillingness} to engage them is revealing in and of itself, suggesting he had {a reason|an explanation} for his lack of confidence.

His {disdain|antipathy|derision} {toward|to} {working with|dealing with|collaborating with} others is manifest. He {has|has actually} {gained|obtained|acquired|gotten} a reputation over the last {few|couple of|couple} years as being cold {and|as well as|and also} distant, {refusing|rejecting} to engage, in the give-and-take of {politics|governmental policies}, in the social niceties that help grease the wheels in Washington. Liberal Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen {recently|just recently|fairly recently} {advised|recommended|encouraged|suggested|urged} him to {read|review} Robert Caro's {newest|most recent|latest} volume on the life of Lyndon Johnson as a primer on {how|exactly how|just how|precisely how} to be president.

Johnson of course, was {a master|a wizard} at pulling levers of power, {but|however} he {also|additionally|even|likewise} {knew|understood|recognized|realized|considered} {how|exactly how|just how|precisely how} {to|ways to} {persuade|convince|encourage} {individual|specific} politicians on both sides of the aisle to {work|operate with|deal with|collaborate with} him on legislation. However, LBJ {also|additionally} had the common touch {and|as well as|and also}, {having|having actually} {risen|come} from humble beginnings, {never|never ever} considered it {beneath|below|underneath} him to {work with|deal with|collaborate with} those {underneath|beneath|under} him. Not so Barack Obama. He {complained|grumbled|moaned} to foreign leaders that he had to {waste|squander|lose} time {talking|speaking} with "congressmen from Palookaville." At {another|yet another} time, he switched {locales|locations} {and|and also} {said|stated} he was tired of {dealing with|coping with} {people|individuals} from "Podunk."

His campaign trail {comments|remarks|opinions} {regarding|relating to|concerning|pertaining to|referring to} small-town {America|USA|United States} as being {populated|occupied} by "{bitter|harsh}" {people|individuals} {who|that} {cling|stick} to {guns|firearms|weapons} {and|as well as|and also} Bibles was not a one-off. They are reflective of his {views|perspectives}.

{But|However} the high and the mighty {also|likewise} come in for the Obama {treatment|therapy}.
Klein {reveals|exposes|divulges} dismay {among|amongst} {former|previously|prior} Obama {supporters|advocates|proponents} {who|that} {feel|think} they {have|have actually} been mistreated, {maligned|reviled|tainted}, {and|as well as|and also} {thrown|tossed} under the bus. Obama's most generous {early|very early} donors {have|have actually} been all but{ignored|disregarded|neglected|overlooked|dismissed}; {early|very early} mentors in the black business community {have|have actually} been sidelined if not {completely|totally|entirely|absolutely} {ditched|shunned}; {people|supporters} {don't|do not} hear from him or his {staff|team} unless a fundraiser is {coming up|scheduled}.

{Then|And then} there's the {chapter|section} on Valerie Jarrett {who|that} {apparently|evidently|obviously} has {a role|an important part} in Obama's {most|many|a lot of|the majority of} {major|significant|main} decisions. Obama {has|has actually} {admitted|accepted} that he {ran|consulted} every decision by her.
She {has|has actually} been variously {described|illustrated|} in the press as "the other side of Barack's brain". Jarrett {often|frequently|typically|commonly} {appears|shows up} in meetings the president has with {major|significant|main} political leaders from Capitol Hill {and|as well as|and also} with foreign leaders {as well|also|too}.She {often|frequently|typically|commonly} {stays|remains|keeps} behind to have {private|exclusive} {discussions|conversations|dialogues} with the president. Valerie Jarrett's {real|genuine|actual|true} {clout|influence|authority|prestige|pull|standing|sway} comes less from her {career|profession} than from her {extraordinary|remarkable|phenomenal|unbelievable|astonishing|astounding|amazing|incredible|outstanding} {connections|ties} {and|as well as|and also} {seemingly|relatively|apparently|} {endless|unlimited|never-ending|limitless|countless|infinite|numberless} {capacity|capability|ability} for extracurriculars. As one observer {put|expressed} it, "She knows {everyone|everybody} in Chicago."

As all of {America|USA|United states} {knows|understands|recognizes|realizes} by {now|presently|currently}, Obama {has|has actually} {aggressively|boldly|strongly} {sought|pursued} to "fundamentally transform" {America|USA|The United States}-- one of the few promises he {has|has actually} kept from the days of 2008.
{Five|5} trillion dollars of borrowing, ObamaCare passed over the objections of the majority of Americans through legislative legerdemain {and|as well as|and also} {special|unique} deals made with resistant politicians, failed stimulus, green programs failing left and right as {taxpayers|citizens} are left holding the bag, a recovery that is the most anemic on record, an America that has been sundered by the man {who|that} promises to {unite|unify} us, {and|and also} {America|The United States}, weaker abroad {and|and also} at home... Yes, {America|The United States} {has|has actually} been fundamentally {transformed|changed}.

{But|However} {how|exactly how|just how} and why did Obama succeed in such {a catastrophic|a disastrous|a devastating|a huge} way? That is the question that Klein {successfully|effectively} {answers|responds to|addresses} in his {extremely|incredibly} readable {and|and also} {enjoyable|delightful} book, with {enough|adequate} spicy {details|information} to {satisfy|delight|please|indulge} the {craving|yearning} of {anyone|anybody} interested in {how|exactly how|just how|precisely how} President Obama {and|as well as|and also} those closest to him {have|have actually} driven us to the {condition|problem} we find ourselves in as we {approach|move toward} November.

As Klein so eloquently {begins|starts} the {introduction|intro} of his book:

Every man is a moon and has a "dark" side which he turns {toward|to} {nobody|no one}; you {have to|need to} {slip|shift} around behind if you {want|wish|would like} to see it.

- Mark Twain

Have we {slipped|shifted} around behind to see the {real|true} Barack Obama?

About the Author: Edward Klein, a NY Times Best seller released his Book on Obama" The Amateur"- It reflects on President Obama extremism and the people most influential in his government.
Read the full Book Review at

Keywords: The Amateur,Barack Obama,President Obama,Klein

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