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The following article was published in our article directory on August 1, 2012.
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Speech Devices And Their Differences Used In Stuttering Treatment

Article Category: Medical Business

Author Name: Chris Brewer

There are two main types of Speech Devices available for the stuttering person to use in their treatment.

One is the DAF speech device and the other is the DMAF speech device.

These two Speech Devices are very different in their technology that is built into each one.

The treatment for stuttering is very specific when it involves Speech Therapy Devices.

The speech therapist who adapts their stuttering treatment with Language Devices, will find these two types, DAF and DMAF, of speech output devices the most frequently recommended.

The two technologies used in these two are very different and the differences are as follows:

First, The DAF device which stands for Delayed Auditory Feedback, is the Most Well Known Device for the treatment of stuttering. This device can be purchased and taken home with the Stutterer to use with day by day speaking situations.

The DAF device allows the stutterer to hear his or her own voice with a time delay, like an echo. The DAF device tricks the brain into thinking that the stutterer is talking in unison with another person. It has been known that when sing or talking in unison with another person the stutterer tends not to stutter. This is called the 'Choral Effect'.

There are two major problems with this device that has come to light.

First, It has been found that the brain can not be tricked to long, so the effect, (Choral Effect), wears off with time.

Second, The DAF device has a problem with background noise to the earpiece. The person is only able to use the device in a quite setting. Using the device outside or in a noisy room is almost impossible because of the constant background noise coming through to the earpiece the person is wearing.

Taking all this into consideration, the Stutter Device that uses DAF technology is only a Temporary Fix to the persons stuttering problem.

The second speech device, DMAF, which stands for Digital Mixed Auditory Feedback, uses 'Vocal Tone' as the main technology used. This also can be purchased and taken home for self therapy.

'Vocal Tone', which is produced by the opening and closing of the speakers 'Vocal Folds' (vocal cords) is detected as a Buzzing sound, which we all have inside our bodies when we talk.

This Buzzing sound is actually detected by a sensor within the device and then mixed with the persons 'Real Time Voice'. This sound is then transferred to the earpiece the person is wearing.

This process is called DMAF. The person hears the actual Buzzing sound of the 'Vocal Folds' paralleled with each word that is spoken.

This effect reduces 'Vocal Fold' muscle tension and improves the coordination of the persons speech muscles. This in turn automatically "gets back" the normal muscles functions of fluency, while it helps replace bad stuttering habits with good, relaxed, fluent speech.

There has not been any long term studies on the DMAF speech therapy device that uses Vocal Tone as its main technology. The use that has been noticed so far with the DMAF vocal tone device has been very positive. With more stutterers being introduced to this device, hopefully it will prove to be the device needed for a lasting, positive, Self Treatment for the stuttering person.

About the Author: Chris Brewer has been helping the stuttering community for years. To read more about the new
"Speech Therapy Device" called 'StutterFree', click here to the website: and For answers to any question go to email: [email protected]

Keywords: Stuttering children, stutter device, stutterfree, speech tool, speech therapy device

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