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The following article was published in our article directory on August 21, 2013.
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Dispite of me...

Article Category: Break-up

Author Name: L.A. Capdevila

For those of you who know me or have followed my writings, you have heard often times how I was born fat, ugly and poor. Question, how can a guy such as myself become successful? There are many persons around me that have the perfect body, are good looking and have plenty of money, yet they are not successful at all.
True success is an inward thing and if cultivated will show up outside, regardless of the circumstances. For many years I hated myself for who I was and even question God, why others are were born in what seem to me better conditions. I remember when I finally loss some weight, grew an alfro and drove a Cadillac in my last year of high school, all the girls now wanted to go out with me. But the damage was a ready done, I still hated myself.
Despite of my inner struggles there was still a calling and a purpose in my life, placed in me before I was born. Once you understand that a nose doctor or a foot doctor follows their calling because there is a drive in them that allows them to take interest in those things and fall in love with what they are doing. Now days we have those who study a wide range of things that does not necessary capture our interest. Who would want to study ants as a lifelong career, but there are many who are called to it.
Despite your confidence or lack of it in who you were created to be, God designed a plan for your life that will not fail you if you discern and follow it. With that plan comes the promise that there is always something better for us despite of ourselves. Health, wealth and peace of mind is just the beginning of these promises and they cover every area of our lives. The ups and downs come as we and those around us learn that we also have a plan that was prepare for us way before we were ever born.
You ask yourselves what about my boy that was born with a muscular disorder and will never walk in his whole life time, why? Why was I born into a domestic violent home where all I have ever known is hate and violence? Why, why and why will always be part of our lives and only in eternity will we get an answer. The why's will have to wait till then, but what is sure and true is the where.
Where, can be known from the promises given to us of eternal life, this place that has been prepared for us is truly God's way of saying that the suffering of this time will be well worth it. Think about it, world without end, forever and ever no more crying, no more sickness and no more dying there. Despite of us, all this is freely giving to us.
The time we live here on earth is actually very short when you understand God's time table. The bible states that one day to the Lord is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. Science tell us that if a space ship left earth traveling at the speed of light (182,000 miles per second) and heads in any direction for 12 hours, but then decides to turn back traveling at the same speed and another 12 hours until it reach earth. When they arrived 1000 years have gone by. This equation of time equals to this. If you are now 40 years old, in God's timetable you are only 1 hour old, if you are 80 years old you are only 2 hours old in eternity.
An unsuccessful life can be measure by what we don't believe, how arrogant and prideful we live, how unwilling we are to forgive and our stubbornness to repent of our ways. Many years after, I finally receive the answers to some of my whys. If I had been born rich, good looking and with a great body I would not have had a need, in not having a need I would not have search and not having search I would not have found the greatest thing in this life and in the one to come, a personal relationship with my savior Jesus Christ who gives eternal life to all those who believe.
Despite of us God made a way for us in this life and in the one to come. We are forgiven of all of our sins and bad works, despite of us he paid our debt in full past, present and future so that despite of us we can live in peace knowing that we are loved.

About the Author: L.A. is a successful businessman that has helped hundreds achieved their dreams in business and mlm. To find out more about L.A. 's success story visit him at La Teresita, as well as his MLM website at

Keywords: Advice, Business Opportunities, MLM, happiness, make money, family life, help, how to, multi level marketing, network marketing, change

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