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The following article was published in our article directory on February 18, 2015.
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Paul Chehade - Make Lobbying (also Lobby) Illegal.

Article Category: Politics

Author Name: Paul Chehade

Paul Chehade - Make Lobbying (also Lobby) Illegal.

Lobbying (also Lobby) sounds illegal to me and others. Corporations DO NOT vote so how is it they hire most of the lobbyist? Just because they have the means and money to hire lobbyist they then have the means to induce politicians to be in their favor for upcoming laws and regulations. When many times these purposed laws and regulations are in direct contradiction to the common good.

The professional politicians in Washington DC are out of touch with America and average American. It's time WE take back America for American's. They will not be happy until they send the last American job to China and through CAP & TRADE they also plan to raise your GAS TAXES by 15% to 25% they plan on raising your home & small business electrical bill to 25% and to raise your home & small business heating gas by 25%. Can YOU afford a 50% increase in your home energy bill? Can you afford to pay the extra for gas for your car?

IF NOT, it's time to TAKE BACK AMERICA. We don't care if they are a Democrats, Republicans, we will support anyone who agrees with our ideals and goals. America for American's - Everyone Else Can Go Home!

Lobbying (also Lobby) is suppose to be illegal for foreign governments to hire lobbyist and try to influence our politicians. This law needs to be strengthened with stiffer penalties. Foreign governments have NO business in our domestic affairs period. ANY politician who takes any form of contributions from foreign governments or entities should go to jail for a LONG time and be permanently banned from any politics or holding any government office, wither one that is voted/elected or appointed. Likewise any lobbyist who represents a foreign government or entity should also go to jail for a long, long time.

Lobbying (also Lobby) sounds illegal to me and others. Corporations DO NOT vote so how is it they hire most of the lobbyist? Just because they have the means and money to hire lobbyist they then have the means to induce politicians to be in their favor for upcoming laws and regulations. When many times these purposed laws and regulations are in direct contradiction to the common good. It is the act of attempting to influence decisions made by officials in the government by individuals, other legislators or government actors, constituents, or advocacy groups.

There is one simple reason why Congress can't get up the gumption to deal with lobbying. It is self-interested, and lobbyists serve that self-interest.

The only way to deal with corporate lobbying is to outlaw it, and the only way we can do that is if the citizens of each state engage in anti-lobbyist referendums, preventing their local corporations from setting up shop in Washington.

Until then, we get the government we deserve: by the corporations, for the corporations and of the corporations, who rule over us like medieval monarchs.

An Example:
Say an auto parts store had a "lobbyist" who talked or bribed the owner into buying his parts exclusively and promised all kinds of kick backs, bribes gifts of cash and goods etc. The local District Attorney's office would jump all over this. Unfair trade practices, the kick backs, bribes not to mention the cash and gifts to influence the business owner. Unfair competition etc. etc...

Then why is it OK for politicians to accept, cash, gifts, goods etc. from lobbyist? Everyone seems to think there is nothing wrong with this and everyone seems to think this is business as usual.

Let's start a crusade to end the powerful lobbyist movement in State & Federal government and return control back to the people (who do vote by the way).

IF you are a politician and this offends you, I am sorry for you. But in all honesty you have to ask yourself just who do you represent, the people or your special interests who hired the lobbyist to influence you? Unfortunately when you are in this boat (working for special interests/lobbyists), you are NOT working for the people and you DO NOT have their best interest at heart, no matter what you say.

I hope you see this my way and join me. Contact your local state representatives and your federal representatives and send them this message: If you take special interest money we will vote you out or you can join us and help make lobbying illegal as it should be. You can send this as an Email or print it out with your name and address and mail a copy to your representatives. They are always saying how they want to hear from you and to voice your opinion, now's the time to let it be heard. With hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars changing hands in back room deals this is the only way we can keep everyone honest.

God bless America

Paul Chehade:.
Honor and Truth

For more information please visit:

About the Author:

Paul Chehade, candidate for President of the United States of America in 2016.

Paul Chehade is dedicated to serve the less fortunate around the world, with no distinction of race, ethnic group religion or gender.

Keywords: Paul Chehade, Illegal,Lobbying,Lobby,Immigration, President, President 2016, Election, Election 2016,Politics, NonProfit, Government, Social, Religion, Ethics, Discrimination, Immigrants, Health, Weather, Morality, Ethic, America, Philanthropy

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