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The following article was published in our article directory on May 11, 2015.
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Reach A Wider Market Through Online Classified Using Adplotter

Article Category: Classifieds

Author Name: olov soderling

Classified website is one of the best places online to advertise and generate a huge number of leads and potential sales. There are millions of free online ad sites. As an Internet marketer, you must take advantage of this amazing selling platform.

Classified sites work like the conventional ad section on newspapers and magazines, where people could browse and look for items to buy. The main advantage of the online version is most of the ad sites are free to use. Hence, you can save a lot of money advertising on this platform. Moreover, online ad sites can be accessed by online visitors for free as well. Thus, you can draw more prospects to browse your product and sell.

Classified websites are easy to use. You just need to choose from dozens of free high-traffic ad sites like Craiglist, OLX, and Gumtree. Create a copy of your advertisement and include some pictures to make your offer more attractive. Then, you can post it on the ad board. Since these websites are the preferred sites for people who would like purchase stuff online, it has very high traffic. Thus, you can take advantage of this traffic when you post your offer.

Posting your ad on a single site, however, is not enough. Take note, there are dozens of online ad sites out there that people visit. You need to take advantage of the traffic they generate if you really want to succeed selling online. But creating your ad copy and distributing it one by one to many different websites is quite a tedious task. You would need to post the same information and upload the same set of images over and over again. Plus, if you need to update your advertisement, you have to create another copy and post it again to dozens of online ad sites.

This is a huge time waster. The great news is there's a computer program that would allow you to post a single ad to multiple sites. It is called Adplotter. The program maintains a huge database of free high-traffic ad sites to post to. Moreover, they work round the clock to add new websites in their listing engine, thus, multiplying your reach and exposure.

Using it is quite simple. You just need to create a copy of your ad together with the images that you want to include. You can also select a category for your ad and the specific geographical location that you want to target. When you're done, you can already post it. Adplotter will insert your advertisement to hundreds of online listing sites included in its large database. It is that simple!

Moreover, Adplotter recently partnered with Geodesic Solutions- a Classified ads and auction application. Their product, Geocore, is software that allows any user to build their own free or premium online ad listing site. By partnering with Adplotter, all Geocore-built auction and listing sites will be included in the listing engine of Adplotter. Therefore, all ads posted using Adplotter program will appear on all Geocore-built auction sites.

Classified sites are one of the best places online to market your product. You can take advantage of its free features. More, you can generate huge traffic by tapping a large number of its daily visitors.

About the Author: Swedish born,lived in nz for 25 years and now in au. Internet marketer in cloud back up ,classified advertising, healthy living and more.

Keywords: classified,adplotter,free ads,online ads

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