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The following article was published in our article directory on August 26, 2020.
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What Treatement Optios Do You Have if Diagnosed with Cancer?

Article Category: Cancer Survival

Author Name: Mickey Lieberman

The word "cancer" strikes fear in people and this is more than understandable.

Many people all over the world receive a cancer diagnosis every day and none of them are ready to cope with their diagnosis.

After being diagnosed with cancer, every patient experiences negative feelings and emotions.

These patients think the worst and for this reason, they have a hard time digesting the information received.

For some people, coming to terms with the situation is impossible.

Sadness, confusion, anger, denial, guilt, depression, and stress flood their minds.

The reality is that unless you accept the terrifying situation, you will never succeed to overcome it. Even in such difficult times, there is hope.

Patients should inquire more about the type of treatments available by discussing with a specialized doctor and choose the most efficient method for a complete cure.

Every patient has the right to seek a second or third medical opinion about his/her particular case.

Nevertheless, if two cancer specialists tell you the same thing, then you should direct your attention to the treatment options.

These include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, medication, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and stem cell transplantation.

After becoming familiar with all these options, the patient and his/her family must make an important decision together.

Before deciding upon the most suitable type of cancer treatment, the patient must fully understand the diagnosis.

Most people cannot help but navigate the internet in search of answers.

This is not a wise move because the information found on different websites can be misleading or even false.

Asking questions to your doctor about your condition, as well as the benefits and risks of each treatment will clarify any doubt and help you gain a new perspective on the situation.


The oldest and the most common cancer treatment is surgery and it accounts for the removal of the mass and surrounding tissues by a surgical oncologist.

This type of intervention has multiple purposes, from diagnosing cancer and finding out the exact location of the tumor to assessing the stage of cancer, relieving the side effects, and restoring the body's natural function.

The type of surgery chosen for a specific form of cancer depends on the area of the body affected, the amount of tissue the surgical oncologist needs to remove.

There are two main types of surgery:

1. open
2. minimally invasive

The first requires making a large cut to remove the mass and lymph nodes nearby.

Minimally invasive surgery consists of making small cuts so that the surgical oncologist can insert a laparoscope that allows him to see inside the body when performing the surgery.

With special tools, he removes the mass and some healthy tissues.

This option is viable for solid tumors located in a certain area. It does not work for leukemia or other cancer types that have already spread to different parts of the body.


Cancer cells grow and multiply at a faster pace and chemotherapy helps to slow down or stop that process.

Therefore, this treatment option can either cure cancer or ease the symptoms caused by this alarming disease by shrinking the tumors responsible for the pain and other issues.

Sometimes, a doctor recommends combining chemotherapy with another treatment or other options for better results.

For instance, doctors can use it before surgery to diminish the size of the tumor or after the surgery to destroy the remaining cancerous cells.

Unfortunately, this type of cancer treatment comes with unpleasant side effects because chemotherapy does not focus entirely on fast-growing cancer cells meaning that it also affects healthy.

The most common side effects caused by chemotherapy, besides hair loss, are fatigue, nausea, and mouth sores.

Those patients who choose this form of treatment need the help and support of their families more than ever because they can barely take care of themselves.

During and after chemotherapy, patients spend most of the time in bed because their body needs rest.


Radiotherapy, also known as radiation therapy or x-ray therapy, kills cancer cells or diminishes the tumors using high doses of particles or waves.

Specialists also use radiation in lower doses to see the inside of the patient's body.

This type of treatment damages the cancerous cell's DNA impeding them to recover and causing them to stop dividing.

As soon as the cancer cells die, the body performs the role of eliminating them.

Patients who choose this treatment method must be fully aware that satisfactory results will only appear after days or weeks.

There are two types of radiotherapy:

1. external beam radiation therapy
2. internal beam radiation therapy

With the first type of radiation, doctors use a special machine to aim particles in the affected area of the body, which makes it a local treatment.

The machine does not even touch the patient.

On the other hand, with the second type of radiotherapy, doctors place a source of radiation, in liquid or solid form, inside the patient's body.

The type of radiation chosen for a specific type of cancer varies according to several factors, which involve tumor size and location, the patient's medical history and general health, his/her age, and other existing medical conditions.

Even though surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy represent the main types of cancer treatments used by doctors, there are other treatment options as well.

For instance, immunotherapy helps the patient's immune system to cope with cancer.

The procedure consists of using living organisms to make substances, that serve the purpose to treat cancer.

Furthermore, with targeted therapy, doctors direct their full attention towards changes in cancerous cells allowing them to grow and spread thus ensuring the best form of cancer treatment.

About the Author: Mickey Lieberman is an expert when it comes to Cancer.
To find out everything about Cancer, visit this website at Cancer Facts

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